Recommendation time

Anyone who uses computer should watch this. 

Lee Pace a.k.a. reason I started watching this
Scoot McNairy
Mackenzie Davis
Kerry Bishé

Three misfits and one house wife doubling as a genius bigger than her genius husband, decide to make a revolutionary new computer that will shut IBM’s piehole! (the plot is set in the 80’s and IBM is real big cheese)

The thing here is, all characters have a purpose, they all contribute to the story, they all pile ideas, which is quite uncommon. In popular television it’s mostly politicians who tell scientists how to do their job cause they (politicians) are the main characters. Well not here. Salesman marches in, gives preposterous idea, engineers laugh him out of the room, but then start realizing the idea. 

The other thing is, we all have these things in our homes now, what we don’t have is what they were starting from. So when they come up with a solution for particular problem, you still go “aahh” cause it suddenly strikes you that what’s so obvious to you, was furthest thing from anyone’s mind at the time, and it yet had to be “invented”

You get a glimpse at how it had to be to go from no wheel, to yes wheel…

Entire show is sparkling with genius ideas, all of which are now decades old, but it doesn’t fail to surprise you and excite you.

Well, it excites me, I wish Woob did something as riveting as this ><



Popwatch confessional (source)



Lee Pace secret eyebrow grooming technique

I think I’ve needed this my entire life, oh my word!  And let it be known, I take that as a promise I will one day see an R-rated Pushing Daisies reunion.